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About the BJH Instrumental Music Department

​Brea Junior High School is the only junior high school in the Brea Olinda Unified School District. It is located in Brea, California. Students from the district's six elementary schools- Arovista, Country Hills, Fanning, Laurel, Mariposa, and Olinda- all feed into Brea Junior High. The school serves approximately nine hundred seventh and eight graders.

We offer a full day of instrumental music classes including Intermediate Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Beginning Orchestra, Advanced Orchestra, and Guitar Class, all under the direction of Mrs. Glenda Bartell. Our program has been steadily growing in both quality and quantity since Mrs. Bartell's first year in Brea in 2003, and our hope is to continue to develop the music program as an integral part of all students' education.

Students involved in the instrumental music program at Brea Junior High School annually participate in many concerts and events. These include but are not limited to Winter, Spring, and Pops concerts, concert band festivals around Southern California, community events, and amusement parks such as Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm.

After completing eighth grade, Brea Junior High students move on to Brea Olinda High School, where they are urged to participate in the award-winning instrumental music program under the direction of Mr. James Charrette.

Mission Statement

Music exists in our culture because it provides an aesthetic experience, which is unlike any other.  No other art form can duplicate the kind of perception that results from expressing oneself through musical performance.  The person who plays in a musical organization is paving the way for future musical enjoyment, whether it be listening or performing.

Members of our school's instrumental groups enjoy involvement in a campus organization that provides immediate identity and purpose.  Our instrumental music groups encourage and promote academic excellence.  Band and orchestra rehearsals meet during the school day, and are compatible with the student's academic responsibilities.  Members of our bands and orchestra are involved in concerts, festivals, and honor groups.

MUSIC is the most important ingredient of our instrumental music program.  Although participation provides such non-musical benefits as learning to work together, building a sense of responsibility, and feeling a sense of accomplishment in doing something well, the primary purpose of the instrumental music program is that of making music together.

Goals of the Program

Through the making of music, all participants in the Brea Junior High instrumental music program will work towards the following goals:

- Development of an understanding of our musical heritage.

- Development of the individual's self-confidence through working as a team member.

- Attainment of self-discipline through the development of group pride.

- Respect for the feelings of fellow musicians.

- Love and respect for the process of making music together.